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50 m • Nemo 50 Ice

50 m • Nemo 50 Ice

Ttotally dedicated to exploration and extreme conditions, capable of cruising the wildest shores of the Arctic and Antarctic in complete safety, superior comfort and with the necessary tenders to be able to explore to your heart’s desire.

To navigate in the Polar Regions, the Nemo 50 Ice features shafts and propellers instead of propulsion pods, as well as some special modifications, including a reinforced hull and smaller windows on the main deck. 


Designer :                      Ocea Custom Design

Shipyard :                      Ocea Yachts


Status :                          Under development

Length :                         50 m (164 ft)

Beam :                           9,13m (7 ft)

Speed :                          14 - 16 knots

Construction :              Aluminium / Aluminium

Number of guests :      Over 12 

Price :                         On request


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