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78 m • Utopia

78 m • Utopia

Inspired by the idea of Utopia as a highly desirable and problem-free place in the world, Vripack Yacht Design Studio held a brainstorming session to identify the most pressing environmental problems relating to yachts. A key one, the team concluded, was waste.


Although relatively modest in size, yachts nonetheless produce enough waste – both of the obvious physical sort and with respect to exhaust gasses – to be of concern. The mission was decided: design a yacht with an environmental footprint as harmless and as faint as that left by a human walking along a sandy beach.


Designer :                     Vripack

Shipyard :                     The Netherlands


Status :                         Conceptual design

Length :                        78 m (255 ft)

Beam :                          15,40 m (50 ft)

Speed :                         12 kn (cruising)

Gross tonnage :           2900 GT

Construction :              Steel / Aluminium

Class :                           LY3

Number of guests :      12

Price :                            € 70.000.000 - € 80.000.000

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